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Wanton Desire

I had expected to be briefed by my HOD when I arrived at my new place of work at 7 AM.  However, since I came in earlier than 8 AM, resumption time, it means I have to wait an hour to be briefed by my new boss. I don’t mind waiting, really.  I am just excited that my days of boredom are over. “The Managing Director will see you now" A light skinned guy wearing a straight face informs me. The Managing Director is at work way before resumption? Impressive. As I climb the stairs that lead to his office, I wonder why he is briefing me and not my HOD. I don’t have to wonder for long as I am in front of his office. I take a deep breath and knock. He responds “You can come in". He is typing away on his laptop when I enter his office. I feel heat rise to my cheeks and my heart beat a little faster.  He looks very attractive and almost saintly sitting there in his extra white long sleeve shirt. I quickly lick my dry lips and say “good morning sir". He lo
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I am still sharing poems I wrote when I was between the age of 16 and 17. I wrote 'Soulmates' because I wondered what it would be like to fall in love so deeply that living without the other person would seem impossible. A love so intense that nothing can come between you and your beloved. The poem below is what I envisioned it to be like. Enjoy:

Christmas Sunday

What's up fam? I know it has been more than a minute. Phew! It has been too long and I apologize. I will try to ensure I post regularly next year. Yesterday, I came across a collection of poems I wrote when I was between the age of 16 - 17 with the pseudonym Lovilia. I am going to share all of them on my blog starting with one I originally titled SUNDAY.


He wrote me a poem, sang me a song My heart - she fluttered, my belly - she danced He smiled, he said we'd be alright It went to shit, he found his legs

The World Is...

The world is constantly changing Things happen and change faster than you can blink One moment, a person is here. The next, he is in Valhalla You can be wealthy today but one decision can catapult you to poverty.

Ode To A Vintage Soul

Vintage Soul November 26th, 2017 will never remain the same for me. You died same time I set my alarm to wake up on Sunday mornings. 6:30am on Sundays will always remind me that you are no longer here.  I miss your bubbliness, your laughter, your sarcasm, your humor... How do I summarize your being in two lines Gogzy?  Classy diva with a sense of humor and brains for ages sounds just about right. I'm more than glad I got to meet an amazing person like you in my lifetime. Saying goodbye is difficult but I know I will see you again Gogzy. 

The Bondage Of Religion

One may stop to wonder at this topic and become naturally prejudiced even before you start reading this article, some may not even stop to read the first line once they have read the heading while others(a select few that are open minded) will be piqued with interest and read on to know what this article has to offer. Whatever category you belong to. I urge you to read on.  Religion according to the Oxford dictionary is a system of faith based on the belief in the existence of a god or gods and the activities that are connected with the worship of them.  Religion has helped in so many ways to keep man on the straight and narrow by appealing